The Friends of Jasper have been community leaders on a number of restoration projects in Jasper National Park including the Cavell Meadows Project, Pyramid Island Project and Jasper Trails Project. Our latest project brings us to new heights – to the top of The Whistlers Mountain. Join us all summer long as we finish up the Whistlers Restoration Project!
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We are excited to announce our latest cooperative project! We’re excited to be working with Parks Canada and the Jasper SkyTram to take members, volunteers and supporters for a peak alpine experience. Together, we hope to: realign, redefine and rehabilitate the Whistlers Summit trail from the Jasper SkyTram upper station to the summit; better protect the fragile alpine landscape from degradation and heavy impact created by the heavy use of the Whistlers Summit trail; enhance the opportunity for visitors to learn, experience and create a connection with Jasper National Park through their visit to the Whistlers Summit trail; provide improved trail infrastructure, including benches and interpretation, which showcase the unique opportunity for collaboration between a national park, a non-profit and a major attraction and foster public appreciation and awareness of the benefits of volunteer engagement.

Jasper Discovery Trail

The Jasper Town Trail Interpretive and Directional Sign Project is a multi-agency partnership working towards providing trail users with information about the trail, about the town and about Jasper National Park that will enhance their enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of the area. The Friends have taken on the role of Project Coordinator for the project’s duration.

Cavell Meadows Restoration

FJNP and Parks Canada launched the project at Cavell Meadows to protect the sensitive meadow habitat after years of footsteps caused serious damage to the trail and vegetation. Working with a number of volunteers, we repaired the trail, camouflaging and re-vegetating damaged sections of meadow, and installing trail markers, maps and interpretive signs.

Jasper Trails Project

This joint project between FJNP and Parks Canada succeeded in providing signage for the trails surrounding the Jasper townsite, including Maligne Canyon, Miette River, Pyramid Bench and Valley of Five Lakes. The signs have since been replaced with stronger, vandal-resistant signs.The project involved over 1000 volunteer hours and support is still required annually for inspection.

Pyramid Island Rehabilitation

Through the efforts of FJNP, Parks Canada and countless community volunteers, this project was a great success. Since there had never been a formal trail system on the island, it had been heavily impacted by more than 60 years of uncontrolled traffic. Over three years, the island’s soil and plant life were rehabilitated, defined pathways were installed and interpretive signage was developed.