The Jasper Trails Alliance

The Jasper Trails Alliance (JTA), a sub-committee of the Friends of Jasper National Park, has been engaging volunteers to help maintain trails in the three valley confluence area since 2011. This group of volunteers works to improve trail conditions for human users while maintaining important wildlife corridors for the non-human types.

The JTA plays a very active role in collaboratively maintaining Jasper’s Trail Network by continuing to advocate for all trails and trail users as well as facilitating weekly stewardship opportunities. We continue to take advantage of opportunities to work alongside community groups and affiliates to improve and revitalize trails for all users. We are proud of all our worksites and are excited to continue expanding our skills through time out on the trails!

We also offer:

– Weekly Trail Sessions

– Group Trail Sessions

– Certifications

  • Level 1: Brush and Sightline Clearing
  • Level 2: Operational Maintenance