Jasper Trail Alliance

Year-Round. Volunteer Trail Days, June to September.
The Jasper Trail Alliance is a group of volunteers working to improve trail conditions in the Park— through rehabilitation, restoration and creation. Volunteer trail days allow people to enjoy fresh air, make new friends and gain a deeper appreciation of the trail network in Jasper National Park.

Trail Alliance

Jasper…A Walk in the Past

Nightly, 7:30pm, June to September
Take a step back in time and discover the characters that helped shape Jasper National Park and the mountain town of Jasper. Join the Friends for this 1.5 hour historical walking tour of Jasper. Advance tickets can be purchased at the Friends of Jasper store. Space is limited.

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Junior Naturalist

Daily, 5pm, July and August.
This fun, one-hour program is offered to children aged 6-10. Hands-on educational activities are used to teach kids about the nature surrounding them in the park. Pre-register children at the Whistler’s campground theatre. Donations appreciated.

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MAPS Bird Banding Station

Mid-June to Early August
The Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) program uses constant-effort mist-netting and banding at a continent-wide network of monitoring stations, including Jasper. Pooled data from these stations provides important information on songbirds.

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Early Birds Birdwatching

Sundays, 7:30am, May and June
Every Sunday in May and June, our volunteers lead birdwatching hikes into some of Japer’s best birding habitats. Bring your binoculars and wear your hiking boots for this morning adventure. Meet at the FJNP office.


Full Moon Hikes
Explore nature after dark with the Friends of Jasper National Park. A volunteer guide will bring you to one of their favorite places in the park to enjoy the night sky and the full moon. You’ll learn more about the stars, nocturnal animals and things that go bump in the night while enjoying a moonlit hike.


Hiking Club

Weekly, June through August
Are you new to the area and/or want to meet other people interested in hiking? The group will tackle a different trail around the park each week. Please check the Friends of Jasper store for locations and sign-up sheets. Space is limited. Note: This is a not an interpretive or guided hike.

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