Whistlers Restoration Project

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Jasper Trail Alliance

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Our Programs

Hike under the full moon, or volunteer on a trail-building adventure. Our programs are designed to get you out into the park!

Our Projects

The Friends of Jasper provide resources to fund important park- related projects, like the Cavell Meadows Restoration, Jasper Trails Project, and interpretative signage for the Jasper Discovery Trail.

Setting It Free

Volunteer Lauren releases a bird at the Friends of Jasper research station where ecologists monitor avian diversity.

Jasper... A Walk In The Past

This Friend's tour takes visitors on a historical journey of Jasper.

Members of the Hiking Club

Friends of Jasper Hiking Club

A Hoary Marmot (Marmota caligata).

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Friends of Jasper National Park

The Friends promote understanding, appreciation and respect for both the natural and cultural history of Jasper National Park. We are a non-profit organization and registered Canadian Charity fueled by wonderful volunteers.

We fulfill our vital role of independent stewards and advocates by providing opportunities for people to interact with and connect to our National Park.

Through our programs, projects and special events:

  • We increase awareness of the purpose and value of the park.
  • We provide opportunities that instill an appreciation for the complex, fragile environments and the cultural heritage of the Park.
  • We inspire action for protection and preservation of the park.